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About the BootCamp

The Practical Front-End Developer Bootcamp is a program that has been curated by industry experts for professionals looking to get practical/hands-on knowledge and experience in Front-End Development. Learn the fundamentals and advanced Front-End development concepts from industry experts and trainers. At the end of this Bootcamp, candidates will gain hands-on experience with real-world projects to help land a job as a Front-End developer.

This program covers the essential skills and topics related to HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and much more. It features both live training and on-demand learning activities with 80% of the entire program spent coding. This is not your typical Bootcamp, as our expectation is that at the completion of this program, students should have acquired the relevant skills, built project portfolios and be ready to launch a career as a Front-End Developer. Visit the FAQ section of this page to learn more about this program.

Program Highlights

100+ Hours Live Instructor-Led Sessions

Focus on Job-Readiness Right Through Program

Practical Experience through Real-World Projects

Mock Interviews, Internship and Support

Structured, Industry-Validated Curriculum

Some Tools You Will Learn

Career Impact


Average Annual Salary for Front-End Developers


Estimated Job Growth Rate for 2020 to 2030

In demand industries



Financial Services




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The Alppoint Experience


We provide students with self-paced videos and lectures to aid fundamental understanding.


  • 100+ Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training
  • 210+ Guided Hands-On Exercises
  • 10+ Hours of Self-Paced Learning Content
  • 3 Mock Interviews

Capstone Project

  • 5+ Guided Projects
  • Live Review and Feedback from Mentors


Bootcamp Completion


  • LinkedIn and GitHub Profile Reviews
  • Resume Review and Support
  • 3 Mock Interviews with Industry Experts
  • Dedicated Placement Support


  • There are no prerequisites to attend this bootcamp.
  • The right mindset, attitude, drive and curiosity.

Who Should Attend the Front-end Developer Bootcamp


IT Industry Professionals



Professionals in a tech related role


Professionals from any Industry

Tuition Fee and Training Options

  • Land a tech job with our Dedicated Job Support. 
  • Get 100% Money Back in the unlikely event that you’re not happy with the course.

Career Day : Meet With Industry Experts and Grow Your Network​

These are interviews and networking sessions with our industry partners. At these sessions, our partners will share their stories, skills and tips on how they became Software Developers.

The session are very interactive and exposes our students to real-life challenges and industry tips.

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What to expect

Career planning and Coaching

  • Goal-Setting
  • Persoanlized Career Planinng
  • Career Coaching

Interview Preparation

  • DS, ALgo and System Design
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview analysis and feedback

Dedicated Job Support

  • Target Software Develop Roles
  • Resume, Linkedin Github reviews
  • Comprehensive Placement Assistance

Full-Stack Development Course Syllabus

Pre-Bootcamp - Fundamental


  • Get started with computer programming.
  • Understand the insides of a computer program.
  • Recognize computer programming constructs using Pseudocode.
  • Learn to think like a coder and write fundamental logic.
  • Get a grip on critical fundamentals of Full-stack development.
  • Gain confidence working with AWS environments.


  • Introduction to Programming 
  • Syntax and Pseudocode 
  • Introduction to FullStack Development 
  • AWS Essentials 
Software Engineering Fundamentals and Lifecycle

Learning Objectives:

  • How to manage end-to-end software development lifecycle (SDLC) using both traditional and agile methodologies
  • All about the SDLC – lifecycle, models and methodologies
  • SDLC Introduction  
  • Software Requirement and Specification  
  • Software Architecture  
  • Software Design  
  • Software Implementation, Rollback, Cutover Strategies and Deployment  
  • Software Testing  
  • Traditional Software Development Models 
  • New-Age Software Development Models 
  • Deep Dive into Lean Methodology  
AWS Essentials

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn all about source code management using Git and GitHub.
  • Learn the most fundamental languages that define the world wide web.
  • Learn to build beautiful websites and user interfaces that work on a variety of devices and platforms.
  • Build expressive websites, landing pages, and more.
  • Master ECMAScript 2020 and above with this comprehensive course.
  • Go from basics to functional and object-oriented JavaScript.
  • Bring your web pages to life by adding interactivity and data-driven dynamism.
  • Learn to interact with remote services and APIs.
  • Learn to build modular JavaScript applications.
  • Earn to set up your development environment effectively.
  • Learn and implement auto code formatting and linting.
  • Embrace Babel and write next-gen JavaScript today.
  • Learn all about module bundlers with Parcel and Webpack.
  • Source and Version Control using Git and GitHub 
  • Setting up your GitHub Profiles 
  • Mastering HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Mastering JavaScript (ECMAScript 2020+) 
  • Working with Remote Data and APIs 
  • Writing Modular Code 
  • Modern JavaScript using Babel 
  • Working with Parcel and Webpack module bundlers
GIT and GitHub Essentials

Learning Objectives:

  • Embrace the power of version control and code management 
  • Learn to manage code and assets using Git and GitHub


  • Introduction to Version Control with Git 
  • Git from the Command Line 
  • Everyday Git Commands 
  • Git for Collaboration 

Learning Objectives:

  • All about building responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Key HTML5 APIs and their use cases 


  • Introduction to Web Development  
  • Introduction to HTML  
  • Forms and Inputs  
  • Introduction to CSS  
  • Advanced CSS  
  • Transitions and Animations  
  • Responsive Web design  
  • Build a Project  

Learning Objectives:

  • JavaScript (ECMAScript 2020 and above) 
  • Writing asynchronous JavaScript code 


  • Introduction to JavaScript  
  • The Absolute Fundamentals  
  • Variables and Values  
  • Conditional Execution  
  • Functions Essentials and more  
  • Loops  
  • Working with Arrays  
  • Working with Objects  
  • All about Strings 
  • Date and Time  
  • Working with Web Pages  
  • Level up with Functions and More  
  •  Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Working with Remote Data
  • Proxies, Maps, Sets & More
  • HTML5 APIs
Frontend Development Using React

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the most popular JavaScript library for building UIs and Web apps.
  • Learn to build composable and reusable components.
  • Embrace the power of React Hooks and learn to build your hooks.
  • Implement routing in a single-page application with React Router.
  • Master global state management and transitions using Redux.
  • Build data-driven applications with ease.
  • Implement Test-Driven Development (TDD) using Jest, Enzyme and React Testing Library.
  • Introduction to React  
  • Components  
  • State and Props  
  • Rendering Lists  
  • Components Revisited  
  • Building Forms  
  • Render Props and Higher Order Components  
  • Portals  
  • Global and Shared Data  
  • Hooks in Focus  
  • Routing in a React App  
  • Code Splitting  
  • Isomorphic React  
  • State Management using Redux  
  • Testing Components  
  • The React Ecosystem 
Software Testing for Javascript Applications

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of software testing, its principles, testing phases, automation and lots more
  • Fundamentals of Testing  
  • Testing Principles  
  • Test Phases and Testing Types  
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Testing with Jest
  • E2E Testing with Jest & Puppeteer
  • E2E Testing with
Agile and Scrum

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Agile, APM framework, Scrum and its building blocks, Monitoring and tracking and more 
  • Background to Agile  
  • Agile Basics  
  • Business Inputs  
  • Agile Variants  
  • APM Framework  
  • Introducing Scrum  
  • Scrum Building Blocks  
  • Agile Estimation  
  • Agile Planning  
  • Monitoring and Tracking  
  • Agile Metrics and Agile Tools  
  • Scaling Agile 

About The Front-End Developer Bootcamp

What is Front-End Development?

Front-End Development is a combination of programming and layout that includes the user interface, interactions, and usability of the web. A Front-End Developer is one who builds performant applications including deployment and other responsibilities. The outcome is beautiful, functional and performant web applications that face the user.

Why is the Front_End Development Bootcamp relevant today?

Every company today is a tech company, and demand is growing steadily for software engineers who can creatively solve problems and implement robust, sustainable solutions. In fact, 67% of the tech leaders surveyed reported an inability to acquire the talent they need. Regardless of your professional background, this Bootcamp is a great way for you to break into and accelerate your future-proof career in tech.

What will i accomplish by taking the Front-End Development course online?

Boost your chances of getting hired with a lucrative pay package on successfully completing the advanced Front-End Development course. Take advantage of:  

  • diverse growth options in tech across industries 
  • increased scope of being part of game-changing tech projects 
  • increased employment opportunities, regardless of industry or geography
What are the prerequitites for this Bootcamp?

The Front-End Developer certification is a beginner-friendly programme with no prerequisites, although many students have engaged in self-learning previously or have worked at tech startups or in tech-adjacent roles.  

Whether you’re new to the field or you’re looking to formalize your practice, our curriculum helps you gain fluency in the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that modern employers demand and put them to work on the path to a new career in tech.  

Our Learning Advisors can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this coding bootcamp is a good fit for you.

What software/hardware would i need to attend this class?

Software Requirements 

  • An IDE or a code editor like Microsoft VSCode, Sublime Text or similar 
  • A web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox 

System Requirements 

  • Any workstation or laptop with Internet access, with at least 8Gb of RAM 
  • An AWS and Google account 
  • A code editor such as Microsoft VSCode 
Who is this Front-End Developer Bootcamp for?

If you’re looking to establish and fast-track your career in tech, our Front-End Developer course for beginners is the Front-End Developer training you need to consider. Anyone can take the course including:  

  • Freshers 
  • Novices 
  • Developers  
  • IT Industry Professionals 
  • Professionals in a tech-adjacent role 
  • Professionals from any industry 
Can i work full-time while enrolled in this bootcamp?

Yes, you can! Our bootcamp is designed for busy professionals with full-time work commitments. You can take up the self-paced learning option and catch up with the assignments and self-study during the week.

You will be expected to spend time working on assignments and projects outside of class hours each week, but the workload is designed to be manageable with a full-time job.

What happens if the Front-End Development bootcamp is too difficult for me and i have to drop out?

Should you find yourself struggling, just reach out to our learning support team. Together, we’ll do our absolute best to keep you on track and feeling confident about the learning.

Remember, becoming a skilled developer doesn’t come easy. While anyone can learn to code, grit and a growth mindset is what will get you there. After all, this is known as one of the best courses for Front-End Development.

Finance-Related Questions

What does my tuition cover for the Front-End Development Bootcamp?
  • Your tuition covers all the key aspects of the Bootcamp. Here are some of the aspects of Front-End Development Bootcamp students can expect at Alppoint Training Services: 

    • Live instructor-led sessions by industry experts
    • Weekly doubt-clearing sessions
    • On-demand videos to help you learn anytime, anywhere 
    • Comprehensive reading material for concept clarity 
    • Coding Challenges for practical coding practice 
    • Dedicated Placement Support for developer roles 
    • Access to the Alppoint Training Services Community for lifetime support 
    • Connections with a professional network of instructors 
What are my financing options for this coding Bootcamp?

Financial hurdles shouldn’t keep you from achieving your goals. To help you achieve your learning goals we have three payment modes: 

  • Upfront Payment Option: Pay upfront and save up to 5% on tuition fee. 
  • Instalment Plan: Pay in monthly installments across a span of 4 months. 
  • Deferred Payment Plan: Pay an upfront amount for enrollment and the remaining amount as monthly installments once you land a tech job. 

For more information, reach out to your Learning Advisors, or write to us at

Can i cancel my enrolment? Do i get a refund?

In case you’re unable to attend the course and want a refund prior to the course commencement date, we will refund the full amount to you.

If you don’t see the tremendous value you expected in our product, and you wish to withdraw within the first four hours, we will proceed with a 100% refund—no questions asked. However, once you have attended more than four hours of the workshop, you will not be eligible for any refund.

Is there a money-back gurantee for the fullstack development bootcamp?

We’re so confident that with this course, you’ll be taking concrete steps toward a thriving career in tech that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked! If you don’t see the tremendous value you expected in our product, and you wish to withdraw within the first four hours, we will proceed with a 100% refund. However, once you have attended more than four hours of the workshop, you will not be eligible for any refund.

For further clarity, reach out to your Learning Advisor.

Are scholarships available for the Fullstack Development Bootcamp?

Yes, we do provide scholarships for up to 70% in select geographies. These scholarships are fully funded by Alppoint Training Services and are available for any individual with a passion for learning and succeeding.

To avail scholarships, please write to us at You will receive the forms shortly as well as further instructions on the next steps. Our panel of experts will review the applications and take action on the scholarship grant within 7 to 15 days.

Please consult your Learning Advisor for more information. 

Can i pay atfer getting my job?

Yes, with our Deferred Payment Plan option, you can pay an upfront amount for enrollment and the remaining amount as monthly installments once you land a tech job. 

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